Three Kinds Of Veterinary Monitors And What You Can See With Them

Veterinary medicine has made great strides in the last one hundred years. Now, pets and large animals get medical care and treatment that is on par with that of humans. For humans that treat their pets like family, this is excellent and pleasing news.

Some of these technological advancements in veterinary medicine help vets see into your pet in different ways. The images captured are projected onto veterinary monitors. The following types of monitors reveal just what it is that vets can now see and do that that they could not fifty years ago.

EKG Monitor

Pets have bad hearts just like humans. The older pets get, the more likely they will develop heart, kidney, lung, liver, and intestine problems. An EKG veterinary monitor can detect problems in your pet's heart, which then allows you and your vet to decide what to do next. If the pet is very old, you may just decide to put him/her to sleep, or provide comfort measures and a relaxing life for as long as they're with you.

Vital Signs Monitor

A veterinary vital signs monitor reveals heartbeat, oxygen levels, heart rate, and pulse, all of which are vital to know when and if your pet is having surgery. A vet may also use this type of monitor to check for irregularities in your pet's vitals. If there are irregularities then the vet will start looking for symptoms that relate to these irregularities. An example would be an exceptionally rapid heart rate when a pet is clearly lethargic but not exhibiting a fever. This may have something to do with the pet's ability to pump blood and keep the blood flowing.

Ultrasound Monitor

If a vet wants to check a pregnant pet, the vet can now use an ultrasound machine. If you are going to breed your pet, or you have already bred your pet, the ultrasound machine looks inside the uterus or uteri of a pet. (Dogs, cats, and many smaller exotic pets have more than one uterus. Horses and cows and other larger animals only have one.) The accompanying monitor shows all of the fetuses in utero. The vet is able to count the number of babies your pet and you are expecting. In the breeding world, number is everything. Purebred cats and puppies, for example, garner thousands of dollars for litters. Your vet also wants to make sure that all of the babies are healthy, strong, and in the right position for birthing. This type of monitor helps him/her see exactly that.

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